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Tuesday, July 16 2019 | 07:40:24 PM

       About Us
        KJMC Corporate Advisors(I) Ltd.
      KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd.
      KJMC Financial Services Ltd.
The essence of the philosophy of the KJMC group. A philosophy that has played a pivotal role in propelling its success in the arena of financial services. Set up in 1988, by professionals with vision, Khandelwal Jain Management Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. (KJMC) has grown at a steady pace. Today it offers a diverse spectrum of integrated financial services to its clients.
  To play a pivotal role in the global arena of financial services
  To maximize gains to its clients through optimum fine tuned financial services
  To add value at every stage through innovation
  To strive relentlessly in creating and structuring superior financial solutions
  To act as a gateway to globalization of the client’s product and services
  To scrupulously observe the laws of the land in latter and spirit
  To honour all the commitments on time and to work with team spirit
  To overcome obstacles and convert them into opportunities
  To serve with a smile and to have single minded devotion to client’s interests as we believe Client is supreme
Whole Spectrum of Financial Services
  Broking - KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd.
  Institutional equities
  Retail Broking
  Depository Services
  Distribution - KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd.
  Mutual Funds
  Life Insurance
  Investment Banking – KJMC Corporate Advisors (India) Ltd.
  Corporate Advisory
  Equity Capital market Services
  Corporate finance
  NBFC – KJMC Financial Services Ltd.
  Loan against shares
  Promoter funding
  Asset Management – KJMC Asset Management Co. Ltd.
  Mr. I C Jain - Chairman, Chartered Accountant
  Mr. Rajnesh Jain - Whole Time Director, Chartered Accountant
  Mr. Girish Jain - Executive Director, Engineer and MBA
Registration With Agencies
  KJMC Corporate Advisors (I) Ltd registered with SEBI as category I merchant banker and also registered as an underwriter
  KJMC Asset Management Company Ltd.registered with SEBI as mutual fund
  KJMC Financial Services Ltd.registered with RBI as Non Banking Financial Company (non-deposit taking)
  KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd. registered as broker in capital market segment of both BSE and NSE (cash and derivatives segment) as trading member
  KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd.registered as depository participant with CDSL
  KJMC Shares and Securities Ltd. registered as a broker in the capital market segment of the Bhubaneshwar Stock Exchange
  KJMC Capital Market Services Ltd. registered Member of MCX-Sx
  KJMC Commodities Market India Ltd. Member of Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX)
Investment Banking Download
KJMC Corporate Advisors (I) Ltd. was incorporated in 1998 after the demerger from KJMC Financial Services Ltd. Subsequently it was listed on BSE and also registered with SEBI as a Merchant Banker and Underwriter.
Some of the services offered are
  •   Equity Capital Market Services – managing IPO/ Right Issues/ Takeover /open offers, Buy back of shares, OFS.
  •   Term Loan/ Debt Syndication
  •   Corporate advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions
  •   Private Placement of bonds and equities
  •   Private equity Syndication
  •   Valuations, fairness opinions, ESOP Certifications
  • KJMC follows a relationship based Investment Banking model.
    The KJMC group has an enviable track record, having handled over 50 public offerings, aggregating to about Rs. 12500 crores (US $ 3125 million) in various capacities such as lead manager, co-manager and advisor. Some of the recent Transactions include:
    Some of Our Milestones
    Client Assignment Type KJMC Corporate Advisors Role Remarks
    Ashapura Intimates Fashion Limited

    Fund raising – SME IPO

    Sole Lead Manager

    Largest SME IPO on BSE SME Exchange
    A Leading Investor Open Offer under Takeover Regulations Manager to Open Offer Among the 1st Open Offer through Market Purchases under New SEBI Takeover Code 2011
    GeeCee Ventures Limited Buy Back through Open Market Manager to Buy Back -
    India Steel Works Limited Fund raising – Debt Syndication Arranger -
    Indo Borax & Chemicals Limited Buy Back of Shares through Open Market Manager to Buy Back -
    ION Exchange (India) Limited Corporate Advisory – Fairness Opinion for Merger Advisor -

    Acropetal Technologies Limited

    Corporate Advisory – Fairness Opinion for Merger

    Advisor -

    Mahindra Holidays & Resort (India) Limited

    Corporate Advisory – Valuation Advisory

    Advisor For overseas acquisition by Mahindra Holidays & Resort (India) Limited

    A leading Media Group

    Corporate Advisory – Business Restructuring



    India Steel Works Limited

    Corporate Advisory – One Time Settlement Advisory with Asset Reconstruction Company

    Advisor -

    India Steel Works Limited

    Private Equity/Identification of Strategic Investor

    Advisor -
    KJMC has an active presence among the bulls and bears. A corporate member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE), in both the equity and wholesale market segments, KJMC has an edge in effecting timely deals. KJMC is also a member of the OTCEI.
    The range of services include:
    • Institutional Equity Broking for Mutual Funds, insurance companies, banks etc.
    • Carrying out extensive research with sectoral focus
    • Providing research data to various clients
    • Retail broking both offline and Internet based stock trading is also being set up to cater to the growing demand from investors, both, domestic and NRIs
    • PCG-Advisory services to HNIs
    • Depository Services through CDSL
    KJMC Capital has set new standards in retailing of financial products like equity, IPOs, bonds, mutual fund units, company deposits and other instruments. Its branches and its all India based active agent network have helped the company achieve greater heights in the primary market in terms of mobilization in Pure Debt Issues as per PRIME database. KJMC Capital is a registered ARN Certificate holder and is also registered as an authorized distributor with all leading Mutual Funds.
    It was incorporated in 1988 and registered as NBFC under section 45 IA of RBI. It is engaged in the investments in securities, bonds & other asset classes and advancing loan to the investors. Currently it is listed on BSE with a shareholder base of around 4000
    KJMC Financial Services Ltd Focuses on capital market related lending products & others like:
    i. LAS
    ii. Margin Funding
    iii. IPO funding
    iv. Stressed asset financing
    v. NPA Buyouts etc.
    Over the years it has promoted other subsidiaries for other business activities.
    Future Plans
    KJMC Mutual Fund
    KJMC Financial Services Ltd has received registration for sponsoring KJMC mutual fund from SEBI. With KJMC Asset Management Company formed the group is poised to launch its mutual fund in the near future and make its entry into the high growth mutual fund industry.
    Looking Beyond
    KJMC is in continuous search for new areas of service that it can render to its clients and believes that there are always areas to be explored.
    KJMC derives its inspiration from the famous lines of Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta, ‘Arise, Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached !!!’